Friday, November 30, 2007

December Sneak Peak

So what's a SNEAK PEAK?

It's a teaser of our upcoming kits, it isn't exactly what you're getting, it's just to give you an idea of the colors and theme without giving too much away. . . after all, part of being in a kit club is the anticipation!

For our first sneaky peekie, take a gander at the beauty Mia made to give you a taste of the DECEMBER KITS . . . yes, it's a wreath and yes . . . it's SHOWERED with sprinkles!!!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


When we first began, in order to test the market we offered a variety of LIMITED edition kits. Which meant we had around four different kits to offer each month, usually 5 sets per theme. With such a great feedback, we eventually decided to go full blast and offer IDENTICAL kits every month, beginning this NOVEMBER 2007.

The wait is FINALLY over
! Our FIRST BATCH of OFFICIAL Studio Azul Kits are here !!!!

Beginning November 2007, Studio Azul will be releasing only ONE KIT every month. But that doesn't mean it's any less, actually it's more! more! more! Studio Azul customers can expect a
NEW THEME every month, NEW PAPERS, NEW EMBELLYS and the best part, NEW STAMPS in your kits!

And here's another SWEET DEAL,
we also included ADD-ON KITS for more options . . .

What are ADD-ONS?

These are ADDITIONAL SETS of either cardstock, projects, alterables or another set of kits that COORDINATE with the MAIN kit. These are not included in the monthly membership fee, and prices are the same for members and non-members alike; and just like the main kit, STOCKS ARE LIMITED. We will however, indicate if items have been sold out and how many are still in stock.

Enough talk (in this case, text hehe) on to the YUUUUMMMMMY stuff !!!!

**Please click on the photos for a closer look

As of Nov.21, 2007, Stock: SOLD OUT
Member Price: php 950.00
Non-member Price: php 1,000.00

1 piece Daisy D's Feuille D'Automne
1 piece Daisy D's Samarkand
1 piece Daisy D's Manipur
1 piece Daisy D's Samara
1 piece Autumn Leaves Foofala Fall Bouquet
1 piece Autumn Leaves Foofala Bed of Red
1 piece Autumn Leaves Foofala Golden Tones
1 piece Prima Paintables Shalimar

1 pack American Crafts Metropolitan Thickers Platform, Brown
1 piece Daisy D's Fancy Border Rubon Tape
Assorted Coordinating Autumn Leaves Foofala Indian Summer Buttons
6 pieces Maya Road Scroll Chipboard
20 pieces yellow, mini sequin leaves

1 piece Studio Azul Exclusive Clear Stamp: DAMASK

**Please click on the photos for a closer look

As of Nov.21, 2007, Stock: 5 kits
Price: php 1,200.00

Alterable Item:
1 piece Maya Road Scallop Ring Book

1 piece Autumn Leaves Foofala Chesterfield
1 piece Autumn Leaves Foofala Goldenrod
1 piece Daisy D's Leger
1 piece Daisy D's Frigato
1 piece Daisy D's Atelier Toile

1 pack American Crafts Stickers, Milan, black
1 pack (2 pieces per pack) Daisy D's Zigzag Rubon Tape
1 pack Daisy D's Buttons, Warm Me Up
1 sheet Luxe Jotters Ornate II

**Please click on the photos for a closer look

As of Nov. 21, 2007, Stock: 12 sets
Price: php 175.00

1 piece Bazzils Bumblebee
1 piece Bazzils Melon
1 piece Bazzils Cardinal
1 piece Bazzils Truffle
1 piece Bazzils Mocha


Please welcome our GDT for October, albeit a bit delayed :-) please give a round of applause to the Scrapping Queen Bee, the Massacre Queen herself, etc. etc.

*insert applause here*
(Joanne, reyna ka talaga ng lahat ano? hehe and yes, we matched the font color to your outfit :-)

***Photo courtesy of the very talented Jeff Lopez, significant other to the equally talented Pia Lopez. (malipit na pasko eh heehee). You can check out their site here.

Joanne, dare we say how much we miss you! And this is a great way to say hello across the seas and over the information gateway.

Using the OH, HAPPY DAY Kit, Joanne has weaved her magic wand (or is it the magic X-acto knife?) and created two fabulous LO's: MIDDLE CHILD and TAKE THE PLUNGE.

FYI, see those little windows on the buildings of the TAKE THE PLUNGE LO? Yes, she cut them. Why we never thought of doing that we'll never know . . . leave it to Joanne to always surprise us :-)

The Oh, Happy Day Kit was primarily made of Bampop Papers and according to Joanne was not quite her usual style. But nonetheless Joanne thrives in new things, whether it's a technique, a totally different style of papers to a new adventure altogether. After all, she IS the Queen :-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Before we announce the winner, we just have to say how happy we were that those who participated had layouts that were truly breathtaking!!!
You all did our kits justice with a capital J!

We only had to choose TWO winners for our limited edition kits (and it wasn't an easy task either!) and here they are . . . drRRRrrruuummmm rooolllll please!



Christine was able to make . . . 15 Layouts!!!!
We couldn't believe it either :-)

Congratulations Christine!
You win a Basic Grey Key Plate, Chipboard Album!!!


We enjoyed Nina's Layout "LIFE",
filled with not just Studio Azul Kit supplies,
but with memorable ephemera.
You just have to love that cute baby bootie!

Congratulations Nina!
You win an Ink Boutique Stamp, See D's Moments Like This!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007


Hi all! I would like to apologize for the late posting of our account details. For our new members, you can now deposit your subscription payments to:

BPI Checking Account# 0295-2868-49
Payable to either: Kristine C. Yao OR Ma. Elena Q. Caniza

Soon as you have deposited your payment, please scan your deposit slips and email it to us at We will email a reply confirmation soon as we receive your payments.

Thanks everyone, we'll be announcing our challenge winners this week as well so do stop by our blog often :-)

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Have you ever wished you spent less time matching scrapbook supplies and more time scrapping?

Are you a newbie scrapper, wanting to transition into scrapbooking easily?

Or are you an experienced scrapper looking for new challenges and techniques?

Kit Clubs is definitely the way to do. With the growing demand for kit clubs abroad, more and more Filipina scrappers have been subscribing to kit clubs often based in the United States. With the cost of shipping and cost of kits themselves which are at the mercy of the US$ dollar exchange rate, sometimes it make you think twice if it's worth it.

We've been kit club subscribers )albeit kit addicts!) ourselves and have always wanted good quality and affordable kits locally. Seeing the opportunity to serve both newbies, veteran scrappers, budgeted or sky's the limit scrappers gave birth to STUDIO AZUL, the Philippines first kit club!!

What exactly IS a kit club?
Pretty much a KIT CLUB is a monthly membership, where you receive a PRE-coordinated kit complete with papers and embellishments within a given time period. More often a kit includes papers, embellishments and other supplies that can help you create completed scrapbook layouts.

What do I benefit from being a Studio Azul Kit Club member?
Studio Azul is a MID-monthly kit club, so every 3rd WEEK of the month, you will get the following items:
- our monthly kits are ONLY php950.00 per month for a 3-month subscription
-you can make at LEAST 4 layouts per kit, more if you're in the mood :-)
- at least 7-8 pieces of imported and signature/branded scrapbook papers. And we make sure we give you at least 2 manufacturers for variety.
- coordinating embellishments (embellishments may vary from chipboard, stickers, buttons, ribbons, brads, flowers, etc.)
- a monthly stamp exclusive to Studio Azul
- events, new techniques and challenges to get your mojo going

I'm a newbie scrapper, won't I have a difficult time using the kits?
As much as all the kits come pre-coordinated, we still think of its usability. We do our best to make sure its friendly both to newbie and experienced scrappers alike; The papers down to the embellishments match, whether by style, theme or color. Pre-coordinated kits also takes out the guess work of spending too much time deciding what matches with what. Once your kits arrive, you just have to sit down and start scrapping. Ofcourse, we made sure that we still leave a lot of room for you to explore your creativity.

If i'm an experienced scrapper, will I still be challenged?
As an experienced scrapper, oftentimes you look towards growing with your craft. Sometimes we unconsciously stick to our usual styles, even though we would like to explore other techniques such as distressed, shabby chic, graphic, boheme, etc. Kits come pre-coordinated, but the way you use all the supplies is up to you. This forms a new challenge since you will be working with different styles and themes every month. If you always leaned towards flowery and very feminine layouts, your kits will definitely vary from flowery to shabby to even funky! Kits are a great way to stretch your creativity.

Why should I buy STUDIO AZUL kits when I can buy kits abroad?
Two words, shipping and cost.
Kits in the US are usually around $30 a month, with shipping starting from $20. Roughly, you'll be spending around $50 a month or over php2,000 a month! Our kits are php950.00 and we will always keep it at php950 for members.

Can I just buy ONE kit?
Sure! From September to the end of October, all kits are php950. Beginning with the November 2007 kits, 3-month memberships are STILL php950 but one-time purchase kits will be php1,000.

What are ADD-ONS?
These are ADDITIONAL SETS of either cardstock,projects or another set of kits that COORDINATE with the MAIN KIT. There are NOT included in the monthly membership fee, and the prices are the same for members and non-mebers alike. But just like the main kit, STOCKS ARE LIMITED. We will however, indicate if items have been sold out and how many are in stock. Add-Ons are not a regular monthly offering, it will depend on the supplies available.

Can I skip a month?

Unfortunately, the essence of a kit club is to commit to your subscription date so whatever kit is available that's what you will receive. You can opt for a one time purchase as long as there are still kits available.

Can I receive emails of the kits before they are issued?
One of the fun things with a kit club is the anticipation, so it would defeat the purpose if we emailed photos of the kits to a select few. We post SNEAK PEEKS when we can of the upcoming kit and post the kit as a whole every 15th of the month.

What's a Sneak Peak?
It's a teaser of our upcoming kits, it isn't exactly what you're getting, it's just to give you an idea of the colors and theme without giving too much away. . . after all, part of being in a kit club is the anticipation!

How do I apply for a membership?
Please be advised that in order to reserve a kit you MUST do the following:
1. Send us an email at with the heading "KIT RESERVATION"
2. Indicate in your email whether you would like a single kit purchase or a 3-month kit subscription.
3. We will then respond to your email to confirm.

We hope you understand that we can NOT accept reservations through any other means of communications. We are doing so that we can properly tally the subscriptions and purchases to avoid any confusion or double reservations.

In case we have run out of kits or that membership is full we will inform you immediately and place your name in an active list in case a slot or kit becomes available.

How do I pay for my kits?
You can pay for your kits through the following options:
Option 1: Pay for your kits in cash, to be deposited in our Studio Azul BPI account
Option 2: Issue post-dated checks (ONLY for 3-month subscriptions), all checks to be post dated every 1st of the month


BPI Checking Account, Forbes Park Branch
Account No. 0295-2868-49

Please address checks payable to:


When is the release dates for Studio Azul kits?
Because we want to provide you with timely and up to date products, due to our incoming supplies from abroad we will be releasing your kits every 3RD WEEK of the month.

Sneak Peaks : every 15th of the month
Kits will be out by the 3rd week thereafter

How will I receive my kits?
Your kits will be shipped every 3rd week of the month. We will email you of the shipping rates PRIOR to sending it out, we will only do so with your APPROVAL. On the other hand, we can also arrange for pick-up of the kits in the Fort Bonifacio area OR you can also opt to pick up your kits if there is an upcoming EB. Again, we will confirm shipping and/or pick up via email.